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The Advanced Vehicle Locator (AVL) System

TrackingItNow.Com announces the New AVL GPS Live Tracker
Now there is a 21st Century Theft Recovery System for the Masses!

     You've worked hard to find, and restore the vehicle you've always dreamed of.  Maybe you just saved a lifetime for it and took pains to find just the right one, or it's the one you had in high school and you tracked it down for years.  Whatever your reason it's your car, and you want to keep it.  So when someone takes your vehicle it's devastating.  Chances are if it is not recovered immediately it will be stripped, irreparably damaged, or never seen again, Insurance can never replace this vehicle and the payment may not even cover the replacement costs, if you could ever find one just like it again.  If it's a new car the insurance may not even cover the note on the car leaving you out of a vehicle and out of cash!  That's where the AVL System comes in.  If your car is stolen or otherwise removed from your control by unauthorized persons you can get it back!  NOW!


     LOJACK has been the theft recovery system of choice for many years however it has some drawbacks.  First, once your vehicle is stolen the system must be activated.  This time lag can be up to 24 hours.  The next thing that must happen is your vehicle must drive within range of a police vehicle equipped with a LOJACK receiver.  Most distressing is that all police vehicles are not equipped with LOJACK receivers.  Next, the officer with a LOJACK receiver must have the time and ability to track the target.  In many areas of high auto theft (which just so happens to be where the auto thieves go!) this may be all but impossible and may result in your car driving right past a LOJACK equipped police vehicle without any response.  The police are simply overwhelmed.  If they have the time to track it and it is occupied now comes the really bad part, "The High Speed Pursuit".  You've seen them all the time on TV and they usually end with a horrible wreck and severe damage to your vehicle and many times severe damage to others.  Guess who pays for all that carnage?  Yes it's you and your insurance company.  You may also be sued even though you are a victim.  It will be a bad experience all the way around.  How much is it worth to avoid all this mess?

How the AVL System works

     Despite all the alarms, cameras, and watch dogs you can have at home, thieves are working overtime to steal your possessions.  Alarms, no one even pays attention to them anymore.  You can see that anytime you walk down a city street and car alarms are going off for all sorts of reasons.  No one even looks up anymore.  Cameras at home, great now you have a picture of someone stealing your car, someone you and the authorities will probably never see again.  Once you leave your home or take your vehicle on the road its fair game for the thieves or"joy riders".  Now you have the power to stop them right in their tracks with The AVL System.  No other Theft Recovery System has ever given you more control.

     The AVL System gives you total control.  Once you discover your vehicle missing you can simply send it a text message from your cell phone and shut it down where ever it is!  NOW!  If you have a smart phone (additional subscription necessary) you can see its location right in the palm of your hand.  Then notify the authorities it's been stolen and tell them its exact location at the same time.  Chances are you will have it back with minimal damage because the thieves will be so taken by surprise they won't have time to do anything to it.  The AVL System can also be set to alert you through the "GEO-FENCE" option, if the vehicle is moved from a location ie: home, repair station, garage, etc.., with a text message alert sent right to your cell phone.

     Our AVL Theft Recovery System is installed by the vehicle owner in a discreet location only known to the owner. Once activated it will show your vehicles exact position at all times on either Google or MSN Virtual Earth maps. It is powered by the vehicles 12 volt electrical system however even if the power is cut to the system it has an internal battery to power the unit while you obtain its location.

The AVL System will show your vehicles:


     The AVL System will show you what road your vehicle is on, if the vehicle is moving or parked, what house it's parked in front of or hidden behind.  You simply send the receiver a text message and disable the ignition and shut the car down wherever it is.  If your vehicle has been removed by a tow truck or is inside a trailer you will still be able to track its location (we recommend a second unit mounted to the trailer or transport truck).  Then you notify the authorities of its location and send them to recover it.  All in real time.  There are even provisions to control the door locks, flashers or horn and activate them from anywhere in the world.  Now that's the ultimate control.

You hear the stories all the time at car shows and club meets about how prized possessions have been stolen and never recovered.  You see the wanted posters and reward offers.  Don't let thieves or unauthorized persons have control of your property again.  It's Yours, Keep it that way!

The AVL (Advanced Vehicle Locator) has been specially designed to keep your most prized possession within your control.  Check out our live demonstration for a look at how the system works.  Get the system, hook it up, try it out and sit back and enjoy your vehicle like never before.  No worries anymore!

So for the price of a cup of coffee a day, you can have total control of your vehicle and its recovery!

Don't Be A Victim, Take Control!

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