About Tracking It Now

Tracking It Now, a Division of the S.A.S. Group LLC was conceived and founded in 2007 to serve a niche market of the Live GPS Tracking, Theft Recovery Solutions, sales of Live GPS Tracking Units and Surveillance Products.  Since, we have grown to become a leading supplier of Live GPS Tracking and Surveillance Equipment.  We are a premier supplier of a host of products to the trade and consumers with a focus on quality.  We have distributor agreements with world-class manufacturers.  In the past years Tracking It Now has been supplying the market with quality products.  We have never taken our eyes off innovation and service quality since.

Our Mission is to provide quality products and friendly, hassle-free customer service at the most competitive prices.  We do this by researching the latest trends in products, listening to our customer's needs, industry trends, and then responding in a time sensitive manner.  Our world-wide network has created a service that delivers the best in Live GPS Tracking and Surveillance Products on a global scale.  We understand our role in this channel.  We are committed to fulfilling that role with an absolute focus on service and quality.

Our Service Quality Commitment (SQC) is our testament to the company mission.  Our SQC was created by listening to customer feedback and doing an in-depth analysis of where Tracking It Now, can improve in its processes.  Key areas that are held to rigorous quality assurance and control are:

  • Sales order processing, from creation of the order to shipment, and quality assurance are Priorities.
  • Customer Service and Technical Support each give the customer the right information in a timely manner.
  • Return authorization process ensures quick turn-around on all returns and accurate problem resolution.
  • Excellent Service Quality provides the ultimate in Global Live GPS Tracking for Web based viewing.

Our commitment to service quality is just another way Tracking It Now is trying to improve on our successes while continuing to build our relationship with our customers.

Our servers currently boast a 99.9% up rate and are rated among the best in the industry.  We have spared no expense to offer a superior product in the marketplace.

Our people are the best and the brightest in the industry.  They work hard every day so that our services are a reflection of the Tracking It Now mission.  We are here to serve you, the customer!

If you are not already Customer, please take the time to fill out the service sign up form and enjoy using our services.  Please continue to visit our Web site because we will be adding new products to our lines.

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